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Once upon a time, [livejournal.com profile] bassmike and I were in a band called emiLy. I played drums and Mike played bass. A guy named Joe played guitar and sang. We recorded a whole bunch of stuff, but most of it is either on vinyl (we put out two 7-inches) or cassette tape. Recently, my friend Ted had a lot of free time on his hands and went about ripping all these things to digital formats.

Here is the link. Everything was recorded in either fall of 1993 or fall 1994. I think it's mostly mp3, though there may be m4a's mixed in. If that's a problem, let me know, and I can upload the all mp3 versions I made.

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From [livejournal.com profile] xraytheenforcer
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Proper update one of these days.
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You know, everyone chants "Block that kick!" all the time, but the defense so rarely does what the crowd asks. Every now and then they listen.

Of course, I think the ND defense should work up a better game plan than "Hey, let's let Georgia Tech get down into the red zone and then stuff them!" Especially since the offense has only managed to scrape out two first downs so far.

(Ron Powlus is the new QB coach?!?)

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Our movers showed up an hour late, but then managed to get everything out of our old place and into our new one in 2 1/2 hours. Add 3 car trips (one of which was to bring just the cats) and we were 100% moved in. We did some cleanup of the Apartment of Doom and turned the keys in at 11:30 am on Saturday. After that, we took an epic trip which featured getting $50 in credit at the used bookstore (all of which we spent on the spot), $35 (cash) at the used video game store, and an epic round of shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond out in Queens. After shopping, we went to Flushing for pho and bubble tea.

This morning we had our first breakfast (coffee & oatcakes) and our first lunch (haggis on toast) in the new place while unpacking and setting the place up. Much more of that to come. The arranging of the bedroom will prove to be an interesting matter. Measuring tape, graph paper and scale drawings are likely to be involved.

Oh, and there are 5 unlocked wifi signals available (plus about 10 locked ones), so it seems the wait until Friday's visit from the cable guy won't be so terrible.

Thanks for all the good wishes from the previous post.
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Inspired by this comic and one of [livejournal.com profile] maltaran's icons, I decided it was time to make a new user icon.

And then I went and upgraded to a Plus account just so I could have more than 6 icons. Probably not necessary, but what the heck.
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Touch and Go Records, home to notable bands like Slint, Rodan, Big Black, and now Ted Leo, announced that they will offer their music for sale as DRM-free 256kbps mp3s. The pricing looks to be along the lines of $0.99 per song or $9.99 an album.

Now all I need is to not be broke.
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Generally, it's been a crappy day.

However, the opening line of a news item on Pitchfork caught my eye. The author said something about declaring some Welsh seven-piece group called Los Campesinos his new favorite band, using words like "bouncy" and "riot-grrl infused pop" along with a favorable comparison to Bis. (Kate, take note!) I was intrigued. So I went here and downloaded the two mp3s available. I am hooked. The band totally saved my mood today. I can't wait until their EP comes out next month. And then they're playing in NYC a week after my birthday!

(You can also stream those songs (plus two more) from the band's MySpace page.)

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The rules: List eight random facts about you and your habits. Tag eight people to do the same.

Tagged by [livejournal.com profile] ebenstone.

1. I have attended exactly 3 NBA games in my life. All three were Portland Trailblazers games, and I paid a total of $0 for tickets.
2. I have an autographed photo of Richard Dean Anderson from his MacGuyver days.
3. I have 26 first cousins. 4 of them live in NYC.
4. My great-great-great-grandfather lived right around the corner from our current apartment.
5. Sometimes I eat salt.
6. One summer I spent a month traveling from California to Okinawa by boat. I read 11 books during that time.
7. I can recite pi to 22 decimal places.
8. I have Gerry Faust's business card from when he was head coach at Notre Dame. I met him in the men's room at a restaurant in State College, PA.


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